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Weekend Surf Outlook

Swell Combo Continues Through Friday, Weekend Weakens

Friday, August 16th: 2-3’+ waves at exposed breaks. Light AM wind. SW swell holds to slowly fades along with a smaller SSE tropical swell and trace NW windswell. Waves at the better breaks of LA remain mostly around waist high with a few larger sets at times. Those waves will ease over the afternoon. With the multi-directional swell mix, look for the top combo exposed beach-breaks to get a few peaks. Light/variable wind in the morning gives way to fairly light onshore SW-W wind in the afternoon around 5-10 knots. A few areas see an evening clean up.

Saturday, August 17th: 2-3’+ surf off modest scale mix of easing SW swell, new WNW pulse. Light winds early. Old SW swell fades, with average exposures dropping to waist high and under. A fresh, small, long period WNW swell (~290) moves in as minor, short period NW swell linger. The new long period swell was pushed out by former West Pacific Typhoon (Krosa) and it looks good for knee-waist high waves at the better exposures in parts of LA, while standouts there do a touch better. With the old SW swell still in the mix, better beach breaks should be kinda fun.

Surf Trend: Primary, modest scale to fun zone SW swell eases Friday; smaller SW/NW mix this weekend
Novice: Most spots offer small to fun-size surf this week
Tides: Late morning highs, dropping to medium lows in the late afternoons
Water Temps: Mid to upper 60’s for most of SoCa

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