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Two Celebs Make International News For Surfing Malibu

The dude from the movie Superbad and one of Will Smith's kids (pictured above) are each making headlines internationally on all the main-stream media sites (MSN, Daily Mail, etc...) for surfing "Malibu" during the Stay At Home Order. They're becoming the "faces of surfer rebellion in the time of Coronavirus!", according to Beach Grit.

Not that any of us care, but it's a local surf story (kind of), so why not post about it.

The Superbad dude was actually at Sunset, but to those reporters, any place north of Will Rogers has to be called Malibu.

Other than that, if you're also a skater, Superbad dude made a cool movie about being a skater in the 1990's. It's called Mid90s and it's free to watch on Amazon if you have Amazon Prime .


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