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Surfer Car Burglary Finally Makes The Big News

One of the many surf spot car burglaries has finally made the big time news.

The local ABC News just ran a report about a surfer at Topanga, or as ABC calls it, Malibu, that had his credit cards and phones taken from his vehicle.

"Sean Harrington has been surfing in Topanga for 40 years, but last week, he experienced something that's never happened to him before - and it didn't happen out in the water." reports ABC News.

This long-time Topanga surfer hide his keys "in my usual spot." He told the news. "I've been doing it for years."

Which is stupid, we are always telling people not to hide the keys, theives hang out watching for surfers to do that. Theives go grab the key, open the door and go thruogh the vehicle for whatever they can take, sometimes they drive off with vehicle. It's been going on for years, even though ABC News thinks it's a new trend.

When Harrington returned to his car after surfing, he couldn't find his key, and with all his doors locked and since he hid his phone in the vehicle, he borrowed a phone to call his wife to bring his spare.

Once the wife arrive, he found out out that his phone and credit card were gone. And not only his, but his buddy had left his in there as well. All gone.

"$37,000 was spent at Cartier, while thousands of dollars were spent at an Apple store. Plus, somehow some cash was able to be transferred." Harrington reported.

His buddy's card got taken for $40,000 of items purchased at The Grove.

Later, when he went to the lLost Hills Sheriff's Station to report it, he said he "ran into two other surfers from the Topanga break who had the same thing happen to them."

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