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Surfer's Dog Rescued From Hot Vehicle

Over the weekend, sherrif deputies in Malibu had to break a window to rescue a dog (Jack), who was in distress and panting in the vehicle as it was quickly heating up. After announcements were made to try to find the owner, deputies had no choice but to break the window. After Jack was rescued, the owner (who was surfing) came out and was cited for 597.7 PC; leaving an animal unattended in a vehicle if the conditions would endanger the animal’s health or well-being.

As a reminder, during heat waves it is recommended to leave pets at home. Cars can heat up and quickly become a death trap for pets.

Malibu/Lost Hills Sherrif's Department has zero tolerance in these matters and will enforce all applicable laws.


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  1. The owner locked the dog, and went surfing? Next time, the owner should be hotboxed in a car, and the dog should go about its business