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More Info On The Gunman Arrested On The Beach In Santa Monica

The man arrested is 26 year old Jacob Matthew Vanderburg.

We also found out some of the things he did before the police arrived. He was mouthing off to the lifeguard in Tower 28 and attempted to walk up on the tower. He had also took someone's boogy board and was bashing it into the sand.

As seen in the video we shot, he was heading back towards the lifeguard tower when the police approached him.

And here's some additional info from

He was arrested on suspicion of possession of a loaded firearm and possession of illegal high capacity magazine. Lt. Joseph Cortez of the SMPD told that he apparently had a firearm holstered on his hip and police received information that he was possibly brandishing the gun.

"When speaking with the subject, officers became concerned about his mental health," Cortez said. "The officer placed the man on a mental evaluation hold, pursuant to 5150 WIC."

Here's our original story we posted about this:

On Thursday, at 12:15PM, beach-goers near Tower 28 in Ocean Park spotted a man with what appeared to be a handgun in his belt.

The Santa Monica Police were called and showed up to apprehended him.

He was walking towards Lifeguard Tower 28 when the cops approached him. "I didn't do anything...let me go." and "I'm gettin' outta this town, I don't like these fuckin' liberals." are among some of the things he yelled to the police as they drew their guns on him and instructed him to get down.

He was placed in cuffs fairly quickly, while yelling, "Blue lives matter!" among other ramblings.

He shouted "You better get back to work and stop protesting in the understand me!" to all the on-lookers who were watching him and his fancy hat being escorted off the sand to the police vehicles parked in the lot.

While getting placed in the police vehicle, he gets heckled by the dude from the nearby surf school to which he responds by threatening to come back and kill him.

The guy's VW car was parked on Bernard Way in front of Ocean View Park. It had Ohio Army Veteran plates on it, and inside the car was several large knives and a small axe. During the police search of the vehicle, they also found a sleeping bag in the back seat, and in the truck was clothing, food, a laptop, pots & pans, and more household items.

No word on this from the SMPD yet, but according to the surf school dude's heckling, the man will be spending the next 5 years having anal sex.

The complete uncut video from our Instagram Story is below:


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