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Santa Monica Starbucks Too Unsafe To Stay Open

"After careful consideration, we are closing some stores in locations that have experienced a high volume of challenging incidents that make it unsafe to continue to operate, to open new locations with safer conditions," a Starbucks spokesperson told the press. The incidents that workers have reported involve customers and other members of the public using drugs in the stores.

The newly opened Starbucks at the Santa Monica Pier is one of those 16 locations set to closed by the end of July.

A former employee at a different Santa Monica Starbucks has commented, "I was working at a different starbucks in Santa Monica when they were talking about opening the new one at the pier and remember the district trying to recruit partners for that store and NO ONE wanted to go. Almost like everyone knew a Starbucks at the pier would automatically be a shit show."

The Starbuck just opened this location 2 years ago. Starbucks, which has been known for opening its bathrooms to everyone, whether they are paying customers or not, is rethinking its policy due to safety concerns.

"They just re-opened on Main St. in Santa Monica, they had a nice green balloon arch and were giving away free samples. My girlfriend and I went early AM; we watched a homeless guy tear down the balloon arch and smash the door glass within about an hour of its grand opening. The employees had a look like, yeah, we figured that was coming." recalls a customer about the nearby Starbucks on Main Street.

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