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KooKpawi Surf School Gets Busted

DISCLAIMER/EDITOR's NOTE: They are finally doing something about these horrible douchbags, they block all the handicap parking spots, they trash the whole area, they clean their equipment on the handicap access paths, they illegally use Handicap Placards, numerious people have said they were mouthed off to when they questioned why they park in the handicap spots. Unfortunetly they are only getting cited here for vending.

"It’s about time that the city did something! They would take up all the spots in front row including the handicap, cause the owner would have his employees drive his vans and scooter down and park them in spots early. All had handicap license plates so he could take up that corner spot to set up business and park for free. So if I wanted to bring down my mother who is 87 who doesn’t think she needs a disabled plaque all are taken and it’s been going on since 2020 even the girl uses a DP plaque. People are abusing DP plaques in that lot everyday it’s no longer for people with physical disabilities! It’s a Shit Show their running ,taking people out to surf when it’s big and the locals don’t even go out or on a low tide when you can really get hurt. It’s all about the money! Owner is a total KOOK!!!" comments Chavez via Youtube.

From Santa Monica Close Up:

"Santa Monica Code Enforcement Officers from the Vendors Task force issues a citation to a surf school for vending in a public parking lot at Santa Monica Beach parking lot on Sunday, July 17, 2022."

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