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Largest Surf In 10 YEARS Hits Malibu

Video by Scott Gudahl:

"Code Red 2 Largest south swell in years slams into the west coast. After massive surf in both Tahiti and Hawaii the code red 2 swell arrived in California. 4 days of perfect surf from sunrise to sunset. I knew I needed to capture all angles of the swell so I brought all my surf and camera gear and made a few days of it. Malibu is one of the best waves in California when its working and for these few days it was perfect. Koa Rothman, Luke davis, and Taro Watanabe were some of the standouts of the swell. Beach was packed with people from all up and down the coast. Massive waves crashed into the pier and lots of people had to be rescued over the week. Hope you enjoy"

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