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New Ocean Awareness Mural In Santa Monica

The Ocean Awareness mural "Against the Currents" at Santa Monica High School is finally complete. The work is a collaboration with LA-based artist Sandra Nguyen, the City of Santa Monica Office of Sustainability and the Environment.

Exploring the depths of the Pacific Ocean - featuring the elusive Pacific eel, mesmerizing jellyfish, and the towering giant sea kelp.

The Garibaldi fish is not only a stunning species native to the Pacific Ocean but also the California state marine fish. With its vibrant orange color, it can often be found in rocky intertidal areas and kelp forests along the Pacific coast.

The leopard shark, native to the Pacific coast, is a graceful and harmless species that plays an important role in the ocean ecosystem.

The bat ray, native to the Pacific Ocean, is a graceful and fascinating species.

The Hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) is a species of sea turtle that can be found in the Pacific Ocean.

Rowing towards a cleaner ocean.

LA-based artist Sandra Nguyen putting the final touches on a new mural along 4th Street.

Below is the wall before the mural was painted:


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