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1987 Budweiser U.S. Pro Surfing Championship At Malibu

Need something to watch during the lockdown, check out this pro surfing championship contest from 1987 that was held at Surfrider Beach.

WINNER: Dino Andino (19 years old)
With: Mike Lambresi, Jim Hogan, Scott Daley, Craig Comen, Joey Buran, Bud Llamas, Chuy Reyna, Jeff Baldwin, Chris Burke, Colby Outlaw, Jeff Booth
WOMEN: Kim Mearig (winner), Jorja Smith, Tricia Gill, & Liz Benavidez
LONGBOARD: J Riddle (winner) Israel Paskowitz, Jonathon Paskowitz & Jeff Higgenbotham
BODYBOARD: Ben Seveson (winner), Mike Stewart, Kevin Cev & Keith Sasaki


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