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Support Your Local Surfing Photographer

ChrisDidThis shoots a lot of surf photos at many of the Malibu spots. He has set up a GofundME page to help support his surf photography:

Can you help me share those moments of that sweet adrenal high coming off a lip, on the nose, or cutting up the face? Let's get you an image of glory and grace that can be displayed on MagicSeaWeed, other communities or your coffee mug and reflected upon in dryer times to inspire strength and joy. Let's get pics of people doing what they love into the world !

Challenge: It takes better gear to get better photos/video. An upgrade from my old Canon 650D to a Canon 80D camera in very good condition runs almost $800, but there's also extra batteries, gas, better software, filters... Seriously, the 80D's better Auto-focus and dynamic range will give us better views of those tremendous moments in the wild wet crush! I've already invested in serious lenses and other gear, but you know what sand and salty spray do to things

It's great to be able to contribute to the surfing community. You can already download your pics for free at :


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