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Swell Dropping For The Weekend

S swell eases into the weekend, new swell-mix for next week.

Friday, March 20th: 2-3’+ good breaks, 4’+ sets at summer/combo standouts. E/SE morning wind.
S swell (190-175) fades further through the day, small NW swell-mix blending in. Good summer and combo breaks are waist-stomach high with occasional sets to chest high for select breaks that focus the combo. E/SE wind in the morning goes light S/SW for the afternoon. Conditions remain semi to mostly clean.

Saturday, March 21st: 2-3′ good breaks, 3’+ sets at summer/combo standouts. E/SE morning wind.
Small blend of leftover S and NW swells. Most breaks across Southern California are below waist high. Summer and combo focal points occasionally go waist-stomach high. Wind is light offshore in the morning, light to moderate Westerly flow developing for the afternoon.


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