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Water Safety Heroes

From Surf Academy:

Please meet some water safety Wednesday heroes: Gretta Johnson, Ethan Foley, and Miles Carlson . These three worked together this afternoon at practice to listen, spot, and assist a man in distress about 250 yards out from shore. Once Gretta and Ethan were paddling toward the swimmer, Miles came in and got help to call the lifeguards, who responded in mere minutes to perform a rescue.

The man was paddled to shore by guards. He was wearing street clothes—a cotton shirt and cargo shorts—and was unfamiliar with how rip currents operate. He was unfamiliar with beach indicators—he couldn’t tell where he had entered the water and how far he had drifted.

At the opening of practice this day, we had a talk about water emergencies and how to coordinate and respond to any mishap in the sea. The kids were listening.

Ocean safety and swim skills should be as familiar to us in Los Angeles as learning to walk, skate, love the Lakers, and cheer for the Dodgers. Unfortunately, there are major gaps in access and education to water and these gaps fall along racial lines.

There is programming out there designed to bridge these gaps in access and we recommend investing your time and energy in the following organizations to help broaden the horizons of Angelinos unfamiliar with their birthright: the sea.

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