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Mixed Bag of Swells And Conditions This Week

Springtime in California typically brings out the diversity of the region’s weather and surf. This week lives up to that, with a blend of south swell and northwest swell. The combo makes for peaky shape at beachbreaks -- but local winds will play a major factor in wave quality.

Southerly windswell and modest WNW swell Wed, long-period S swell Wed-Fri

Long period S swell (195-175) is on the rise all day, peaking overnight into Thursday. The Southerly windswell that picked up today will peak tonight then drops quickly through the morning as modest WNW swell lingers, the added swell energy likely enough to keep the beachbreaks in play. The most size in the morning will be reserved for long period S swell focal points (southernmost Ventura through western North LA, OC, and northernmost SD) and spots that pull in the combo of swells, where surf is in the waist-shoulder high range for the most part, lully sets to head high at select OC spots. Long-period magnets (of mainly OC) are overhead by the afternoon/evening. Light/variable flow in the morning trends light onshore from the S/SW through the early afternoon.

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