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Wellness for Waterwomen: Ocean Inspired Artist's Day

Waterwomen, circle up for World Water Day! Salted Spirit Podcast is holding a virtual workshop this Sunday morning.

JOIN ME as I temporarily shift my "Wellness for Waterwomen" workshop series to a virtual meeting room, so we can see each other's faces while navigating these next few weeks together with a heaping dose of positivity, inspiration and courage. The objective of these workshops is to come together as a community to encourage healthy habits for our emotional well being, our physical bodies and our salty spirits!

Requirement: Bring your favorite cozy beverage and be ready to share what’s in your cup!

Learn From My Guest Speaker, Artist & Surfer Kristina Young from Jersey!
“My art has been a release, a safe place, a sanctuary. A place of peace in my mind as well as my surroundings. It is moved by the ocean because the ocean forced me to grow, forced me to conquer my fears. And in the long run, the ocean forced me to be in the moment, because that’s what she asks of all of us, when we are consumed by her.”

Steep That Artist in You: We are all artists in some capacity. Maybe you feel insecure because you can only draw stick people (duh, me too!). But have you really given yourself the chance to embrace your creativity? If you’re jonesing to learn a new language like Portuguese, you’re not going to be fluent after one class, right? It takes patience, dedication and practice. Listen to Kristina’s journey, she wasn't an overnight success ladies, so let’s get inspired as waterwomen together and tap into that unknown creativity!

Engage In A Vibrant Female Community: Look, it’s a big world out there and we’re all in some sort of social isolation due to COVID-19, so most of us are trying to figure out a routine, combat some loneliness and just feel ‘normal.’ Join a community of like-minded driven women looking to navigate this new unfamiliar territory together.

What this isn’t: A cheesy or weird networking event, or any kind of sales pitch.


Wellness For Waterwomen Virtual (for now) Workshop Series

When: Sunday March 22nd, 9am - 10am PST

Where: Zoom link provided

Why: Cuz we’re all socially isolated and we need to hang and create goodness

Weather Report: Sending you sunny vibes from Los Angeles


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