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This Way Screening And Skate Event

Two surfers. One skateboarder.

One 1994 stretch limo.

120 cans of PBR.

One long road down the east coast of the US.

9 days of fucken good times.

"Last year we bought a ’94 stretch limo and headed down the East Coat of the USA making the film ‘This Way’. As soon as the trip was done we all wanted to do it again…so we did. This time we fired up the ol' girl and headed west. With Nora Vasconcellos, Laura Enever, Jaleesa Vincent and special guests Shanae Collins and Malibu's Frankie Harrer. We drove across dusty roads from Texas to California. Skateboarding and Surfing our way through small towns, snow capped mountains and desert plains."

March 5th 2020
All Ages
Doors open at 7pm

2027 E 7th St
Downtown Los Angeles 90021


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