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First Ticket For Surfing During The Quarantine?

Day One of the Los Angeles County Beach Closure and it looks like someone already got a ticket for surfing, but updated info shows the $1,000 ticket have been given for a different reason. Read On...

That footage from Ashley SaveLA shows the police, followed by Lifeguards, telling surfers to get out of the water and that they can be arrested for not doing so. Awhile later, one surfer ends up getting a ticket.

"This happened after the water had been cleared an hour earlier by the police. I watched a lifeguard personally approach him while he was stretching on the sand & told him the beach was closed and he needed to leave. Instead he paddled out & the cops showed up"

And below is one of the surf cam's angle of it:

UPDATED INFO! #1 -Thanks to Reno Jack Aguinaldo for the news tip)

The ticket wasn't so much for surfing as it was for...well... just read what happened according to eyewitness Derek Levy:

"The lifeguard gently told the surfer that the beach/ocean was closed. The surfer said 'Fuck you, waddaya gonna do?' The cop stepped in and gave the surfer a $1000 ticket."


Everyone has been very cooperative, it was just that one guy,” said Manhattan Beach police Sgt. Mike Sistoni, who said lifeguards contacted police to issue the surfer a citation when the guy refused to leave the beach. “Everyone else has been pretty cool… I don’t know if he was having a bad day or what.”

Manhattan Beach Police Sergeant Steve Kitsios said Saturday afternoon that no other beach closure violators have been cited and that his department is relying on voluntary compliance.

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