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New South Swell

The Southern Hemisphere provides a fun-size, long-period south swell for the West Coast through midweek -- showing best through Southern California. That swell is more selective north of Point Conception, but with some modest northwest swell mixing in and favorable morning conditions, there's still plenty of surf out there.

Wednesday, March 18th: 3-4’+ good breaks, 4-6′ sets at summer standouts. Light offshore wind early.
Long-period S swell (190-175) tops out/holds as modest NW swell-mix blends in. Good summer and combo breaks are waist-shoulder high with occasional sets to head high for select regions. Light offshore wind prevails for the early morning, wind trending back onshore by the mid-morning. Elevated westerly winds look likely for the afternoon.

Thursday, March 19th: 3-4′ good breaks, 4-5′ sets at summer/combo standouts. Variable winds and rain.
S swell (190-175) eases through the day. There will be more short-period NW swell-mix early, but it will drop quickly from an overnight peak. Good summer and combo breaks are waist-chest high with occasional sets to chest-head high for select breaks that focus the combo. Overnight onshore flow eases in the early morning — wind going variable to light offshore for parts of LA. Light+ Southerly flow prevails for the afternoon.


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