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No Surfing

UPDATED - LA Beaches & Harbors made this statement:

What does it mean when beaches are closed?

NO swimming
NO surfing
NO running
NO picnics
NO bicycling
NO volleyball

The LACoFD Lifeguard Division made this statement:

"Effective immediately, all Los Angeles County Beaches will be closed until at least April, 19th by the Order of the Public Health Officer.

The Los Angeles County Fire Departmental Lifeguard Division will continue to patrol the beaches to advise unknowing patrons of this new closure. All public piers, public beach parking lots, beach bike paths, and beach access points will be closed to reduce beach and bike path crowding and increase social distancing. We urge the public to #stayhome and practice #socialdistancing when conducting essential activities. Do your part to slow the spread of COVID-19. We’re all in this together. Stay home to save lives."

When asked if surfing was still allowed, they say to read their comment about clarification on the term beach, which is:

17.12.030 - Beach.
"Beach" means a public beach or shoreline area, inclusive of all appurtenant areas such as, by way of illustration and not by limitation, beach facilities, bicycle paths, promenades, service and emergency roads, parking lots, pedestrian stairways and access-ways, landscaping, slopes, jetties, creek beds, revetments, drains, and all navigable waters within one thousand feet from the public beach or shoreline area, bordering the Pacific Ocean owned, controlled, or managed by the County, in incorporated or unincorporated territory.
(Ord. 2012-0005 § 15, 2012: Ord. 9767

So it appears they are stating, without directly stating it, is that you are not allowed to surf in LA County till at least April 15th.

We will keep up on this as it develops.

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