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Almost All Beach Parking Lots Are Open Now

Malibu has opened theirs with "limited capacity".

Topanga just recently open their parking lot.

Will Rogers is open, as is the Gladestones lot at Sunset. The seldom enforced parking restrictions along PCH appear to be no longer enforced.

Santa Monica opened Lot 4, which is the lot between Bay Street Ocean Park Blvd. All the others are still closed, including the Ocean Park lots. The street parking restrictions near Bay Street and Ocean have been removed.

In Venice, the 3 beach lots are closed. The small lots on Speedway and the big lot on Venice Blvd east of Pacific Ave are open.

Regarding Venice, LA Beaches & Harbors does not want to give a time when they will open or a reason why.

Here is what they stated:
"We're currently in talks with the City of LA about the lots. There are several factors to consider, including beach crowds, lot capacity and staffing for beach maintenance, to name just a few. Circumstances vary between lots, which is why they've been opening at different times."

"Topanga is a different story than Venice, yes. Venice is more akin to Malibu, where there are very few public parking lots. When the beach lots were closed, people jammed neighborhoods and parked illegally, with some folks even running across PCH for beach access."

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