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Surfboard Looter Arrested

It looks like one of the surfer looters from last month has been arrested. The mug shot the SMPD released appears to match that of the person who stole a surfboard and other stuff from Patagonia.

Amanda Toyono Van Duyse, 31, of Los Angeles was arrested earlier this month for burglary, grand theft and burglary during an emergency, said Lt. Joseph Cortez, the Santa Monica Police Department spokesman.

Van Duyse's arrest came after police served a search warrant in the City of Los Angeles and "located thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise stolen from Santa Monica businesses," Cortez said.

Santa Monica Police Chief Cynthia Renaud, who by the way not only did a piss poor job of protecting the city, but also, along with her cronies, has been lying her ass off trying to hide the fact that she did such a bad job, well this poor excuse for a police chief chimed in with this statement: “We are dedicated to bringing those responsible for the crimes committed on May 31 to justice and are working in collaboration with our partner agencies, to locate, arrest and prosecute those who committed acts of violence and theft in our community."

Amanda is being held in jail with a $100,000 bail.

As for the rest of the looted surfboards from Patagonia, most have been returned to the store, according to various posts on Instagram. One of the looters was even called out and identified publicly within minutes of all the videos of him hit Instagram.

@salty_beards has pretty much been the main detective on the stolen surfboards and updating the status on them. Below are a couple of their posts on it:

There's even a video of one of the surfers returning a board back to the Patagonia store on the @salty_beards Instagram page.

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