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According to Surfline, " South Pacific Swells Continue With Some NPAC Flare."

"Modest southwest swells will be rolling in through this weekend, with better pulses due next week."

Saturday, June 27th: 2′ occ. 3′ off slowly rebuilding SSW swell. Light/variable onshore AM winds.
New SW to SSW swell very slowly rebuilds on top of the older SSW swell. The better exposed summer breaks in northern LA see knee-thigh high surf, with sets to waist high on the later morning/early afternoon tide push. Light/variable to weakly onshore winds early trend onshore through the morning from the SW/W, becoming light to moderate for most areas in the afternoon for a light+ bump on the water.

Sunday, June 28th: 2-3′ off slowly rebuilding SSW swell. Light/variable to light S wind AM, building S/SW PM.
New SW to SSW continues to slowly build. Look for average summer exposures to still generally top out around waist high.


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