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Video Of Surfer's Car Getting Stolen At Venice Beach

On June 11th, 2020, a surfer's vehicle was stolen from 18th Ave at Venice Beach. The car thief took the keys that were hidden under the fender and stole the vehicle.

It appears he may have been watching the driver the whole time, he walks right up to the car, looks back and then goes right to where the keys were hidden. As of the time of publishing this video, this thief has not been caught, LAPD has done nothing yet.

Thieves have been targeting surfers' vehicles in the Los Angeles area. Watching for them to hide the keys and go out into the water, then using the keys and either stealing items from the vehicle, or as in this case, driving off with the vehicle. So don't hide your keys at your vehicle. At the very least, use a lock box, do something to not make yourself an easy target. While, lock boxes are not 100% theft prove, they are a good deterrent. Most of the car burglaries and thefts we have heard about have involved keys that were hidden on or near the vehicle.

Below are two different lock boxes available on Amazon. Longtime surf photographer Randy Wright recommends the WordLock Key Lock Box both for it's security and for it's large capacity cylindrical container.


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