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Bragging Santa Monica Looter Caught

Image via @santamonicaproblems

The internet is at work busting the garbage that came to loot Santa Monica businesses.

This idiot posted a video bragging about all the stuff he stole, it went viral, the internet tracked him down and posted all his info online.

And LAPD actually took note of it.

@santamonicaproblems was the first to share this scumbag's video:

The internet then went to work, and soon enough, all his info was posted:

@santamonicaproblems, along with a FOX 11 News reporter, of all people, then called out the Santa Monica Police to step up and do something about. Good to see not all big station news reporters are inconsideration clowns. Big bravo to you, Bill Melugin!

All his info was found, including his address. Even what part of his house all the merchandise he stole was in.

And since Bill Melugin has a blue check mark on twitter, it caught the attention of the LAPD:

And that forced SMPD to step up:

Unfortunately, SMPD doesn't know how to use twitter.

We will post an update if we hear of anything happens, probably will have to wait and see if SMPD figures out how to use their email account first.

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