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Short-Term Forecast Analysis

According to Surfline, " New SSW swell creeps in Mon, building further Tue and peaking midweek."

Monday, June 29th: 3′ waves at good summer breaks, 4’+ sets through standouts. Light/variable to light S wind AM, building S/SW PM.
Fun, long-period SW-SSW swell (220-205) builds all day with average summer exposures through the region are around waist to chest-high on sets. Conditions are similar to Sunday with light/variable wind in LA. Winds veer SW in direction by midday into afternoon and get up to around 10kts or so.

Tuesday, June 30th: 3-4’+ at good summer breaks, 5-6′ sets through focal points. Clean morning conditions.
Nice round of SSW swell (215-200) is up a peg with waist to shoulder-high waves through good summer exposures in the region. We’ll also see some minor NW swell-mix filtering in but most exposed beach breaks will likely be walled on those larger sets. The good news, cleaner conditions Tuesday morning with calm to light/variable wind along the coastline. A light WSW/SW onshore wind gradually picks up late morning into midday, before veering moderate W flow later afternoon.


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