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Sheriffs Will Not Be Enforcing Beach Closures?

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has made a couple statements showing he is upset about the beach closures scheduled for this 4th Of July weekend, and that the sheriff department will only be enforcing the parking and vehicle codes.

"We were not consulted on the beach closure, and will only assist our beach cities in closing parking lots and traffic enforcement on PCH," Villanueva told Fox 11 on Monday. "In regards to enforcing the beach closure, we will not be enforcing it because we are 'Care First, Jail Last.'"

On Tuesday he stated, "Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department advises the beaches are CLOSED Fri, Jul 3-Mon Jul 6. Enforcement efforts will be focused on vehicle & penal code violations, beach parking lot closures, & street parking restrictions. Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department beach patrol will be patrolling the county beaches to ensure public safety"

Now his statements are in contrast to those made by the Lost Hills Sheriff Department, who stated: "Today, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors announced the closure of our beaches, piers, beach bike paths, and beach access points beginning 7/3/2020 through 7/6/2020. The Malibu/Lost Hills Station Beach Team will be patrolling the beaches throughout the weekend and late into the evening. This new order makes it illegal to trespass at these locations and is punishable by law to include, but not limited to, a $1000 fine."

So now where are back to all the police and city officials being all confused again about what to due. More contradicting statements from different city official clowns will follow.

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