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News Employee Fired For Faking Activism In Santa Monica

The internet is going after another one, a reporter who faked a photo for her website of herself helping Santa Monica recover from the tragedy.

***UPDATED: The news organization has fired this SAMOHI alumni due to all the backlash received.

You most likely saw the video of a woman who stopped a worker from boarding up a store so she can borrow his power drill and fake like she is helping Santa Monica rebuild for a photo. Here's the original video, in case you missed it:

As seen in the video, she hands the drill back to the worker, thanked him, then laughs about and makes that smug comment, before she gets into a Mercedes SUV with her boyfriend. And the fact that she made sure to pick a Latino worker to pose with didn't go unnoticed.

This happened on Monday morning during the huge clean up effort, where 100's of volunteers came to help clean up and repair Santa Monica. The video went viral and angered everyone. The search to find out who she is took off.

As one post on social media stated: "The problem here is that she's 1) using this terrible situation to promote herself instead of the man who's actually helping and 2) completely insensitive to racial / class tensions."

And soon enough, the internet found her and blasted her info everywhere. She is Fiona Moriarty McLaughlin, a conservative journalist, who has a column called Facts With Fiona and work for some political news site called the Washington Examiner.

Yeah, she is "just chasing the facts". We see the type of facts this BS'ing Washington Examiner is chasing.

We even shared the video of her on our Instagram Story and we almost immediately received DM's from people telling us her name, where she went to school, etc...even from people that know her personally. Saying things like she is a self-centered privileged rich girl.

And that school this poser went to is Santa Monica High School.

Now it's not clear if Fiona the poser was doing this for the news site or for her own struggling "influencer" account. Either way, mocking it the way she did, and laughing about it, it sure pissed off a lot of people. The news organization's social media accounts with comments calling for her to be fired.

And reports are now circulating that the Washington Examiner did indeed cut ties with Fiona. New York Magazine reporter Yashar Ali reported she was fired. Her bio page is now removed as well.

So Fiona now has some free time to actually help those businesses for real.

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