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Santa Monica Police Were Warned Of The Upcoming Looting

Image via @santamonicaproblems

The Santa Monica Police Department was made aware of looting that was going to take place in Santa Monica.

They were sent info about the planned attack from several sources, and even admitted in replies (as the above image shows) to people that they knew about it. Some sources state they inform the police about Sunday's attack as early as Friday.

Yet, the police did not alert any businesses or residents. A few places were already boarded up due to the Coronavirus closures, and a few others were alerted by individuals who found out about the plan to attack the city.

And when the riots started, many are agreeing that they were not prepared. Looters had free reign over the downtown area for almost two hours.

Calculated organized planned hits of targeted stores. Store owners left to defend themselves. Citizens bravely protecting businesses and getting attacked for it.

As seen world-wide in videos via social media, stores such as REI, Vans, Vons, and Patagonia, were hit hard, as well as smaller stores like the jewelry store and a stamp shop.

Then looters were casually strolling the area with all there stolen merchandise right in front of police, who did absolutely nothing about it. Loading up get away cars, trying on clothing, etc...

Not only that, but now SMPD is now in PR damage control mode, making social media posts and statements about the good job they claim Police Chief Cynthia Renaud did. And making the false statements that there were "no loss of life and no serious injuries."

The audacity he and other city council members have to make false statements like that.

People were seriously injured. There was the guy with the hockey stick that got beat up by a crowd of looters in the street, the Amazon truck driver that they attack, and one person who is currently hospitalized after a looters stolen get away car slammed into her.

No wonder residents are calling for the police chief to be fire. City needs a police chief to protect the city, not to make Tik-Tok videos.

Click the link below to read the view the full petition:
Recall Santa Monica Police Chief Cynthia Renaud Petition

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