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Another The Angriest Man In Surfing Update

Here's yet another update to what appears to the new popular Malibu drama, The Angriest Man In Surfing.

Andy "The Angriest Man In Surfing" Lyon has spoke with the 25+ year old "kid" and both agreed it's a "matter to be forgotten." Each will fix their own boards.

The "kid" wants to stay out of the spotlight.

“I have respect for the guy. He didn’t go to the cops, he didn’t bitch out," Andy said in an interview, "not like the guy who made the TikTok!”

So now the guy who shot and originally posted the now viral video is being accused of purposedly going after Andy. Of course this is from the pro-Andy crowd.

A person who claims to be a witness went online via the name RedDucky and wrote this:

"The incident has been blown completely out of proportion. Both Andy and the other adult male did not communicate well. They both caught a wave from the previous set, and paddled back up the point together. They were talking about their respective waves. The younger man was paddling faster. A function of age. The older man stopped shy of the top of the point. A wave came and the younger man took off. The older man mistakenly thought the younger man ‘back paddles’ him. (Silly because there were at least 5 other surfers sitting at the top who didn’t go in the last set and had priority (I know because I was one of them.) With that in mind, when all this went down, the guy who shot the video (Shane Lotz) gave a copy to the young man with the yellow board. Guess what? The young man did nothing with the video. But Shane who operates a surf school (crowding the public line up and profiting off it) had a prior heated discussion with the older guy previously so he seized the opportunity to use it against him. He doxed him and engaged in major’ cancel culture, even calling his employer and getting him fired from his job.

Meanwhile the two men directly involved did not call the authorities or get lawyered up. Instead, they met at the young man’s home, shares a cold drink (non alcoholic since neither drinks alcohol) and settled their differences which included fixing boards. Since the two involved moved on everyone else should too!"

The part about Shane running a surf school doesn't hold true though. Someone who knows Shane had this to say:

"Shane doesn’t “operate a surf school” - he gives mellow lessons every now and again to kids and completely stays out of the way - often in that little cove area right in front of the Adamson property. Shane is mellow and nice (but also shreds) - he’s not out there causing trouble. andy brings violence and bad vibes to the line up. period. whenever I see him I just look the other way."

This seems to go in line with what others mentioned about Shane. This person goes on to add"

"Would rather have shane around than andy ffs. You know this isn’t an isolated innocent with Andy. Andy also says some real foul stuff about young women on IG.

The factor of the matter is, the scene at Malibu is not cheering andy on. Nobody is. Nobody likes his vibes. Maybe just some kooks on the internet who think thruster jerk fests are cool and fun. Yesterday a group of older men in the line up were discussing putting Andy in a cage or dog crate or something when I paddled by…"

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