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Fun SW/SSW Swell On Wednesday

Wednesday, August 24th: 3’+ surf as new SW/SSW swell builds towards peak, NW windswell lingers. Standouts 4-5’+.
Playful blend of SW/SSW swell and lingering NW windswell. Average spots rise into the waist-stomach high range with select breaks of North LA that pull in SW/SSW and the NW windswell chest high+ at times.

Thursday, August 25th: 3’+ waves, as SW/SSW swell holds, NW windswell eases, fresh SSW swell starts to show. Standouts 4’+.
Another fun day, as SW/SSW swell holds, new SSW swell starts to creep in, and NW windswell winds down. Lots of spots are running thigh-waist-stomach high, while breaks of North LA that pull in a better share of the SW/SSW swell hit chest to shoulder high. Light+ to locally moderate SW-W sea breeze expected for the afternoon, looking to ease for most areas in the evening.

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