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The Angriest Man In Surfing

So here's the whole deal on Malibu's Andy Lyon smashing a kid's surfboard drama.

A video with the text "The Angriest Man In Surfing" get posted to Tik Tok, showing a surfer dropping in on a "kid", and burning him. The video then cuts to the argument on the beach where the Angriest Man throws a huge rock onto the kid's surfboad putting a large gash in it. Angriest Man then throws the kid's board out into the water. The video shows the kid going to retrieve his board and shows the damage done to it.

Here is the full video:

After this video was posted, it went somewhat viral.

People were pretty quick to point out who the Angriest Man is.

Several people on Tik Tok, Instagram, and websites where the video was shared, like Reddit, were not only revealing that the surfer was Andy Lyons, they also started posting his Instagram info, which led to a lot of people attacking him via comments to his instageam account.

Andy responded to some of the comments defending his actions:

It didn't stop there, several people on websites discussing the video went as far as to post all his personal information, including addresses and phone numbers, as well as his employer's info. People were spammng his employer's email and social media accounts about Andy. And they were encouraging others to spam as well.

One unknown individual created accounts on Instagram and online, going after Andy with a vengance, posting Andy's person info and encouraging others to go after him and his employer.

"After hearing from locals who are familiar with Andy, it is apparent that this is not an isolated incident. Andy has a reputation for behaving aggressively while surfing, and seems to be under the impression that because he is an OLD local, he has the right to behave this way." is what the person stated.

"We believe that Andy should be held accountable for his actions, and feel that this needs to be brought to the attention of the wider community, as well as the surfing community as a whole, to show that this sort of behavior is not acceptable."

After awhile Andy made his Instagram account private, but wanted to make amends for his actions. Here is his DMs with person who runs the Anti-Andy Instagram:

On Monday morning, Andy's employer posted to their Instagram: "Thank you to the Malibu community for bringing this to our attention." Along with the image below saying that they "parted ways" with Andy:

The kid from the video is still unknown. The person behind the Anti-Andy Instagram account is trying to identify him.

r One source has said the "kid" appears to be in his mid-20s or older, and that he was not being the most innocent of people prior to the filmed incident.

On Monday afternoon, the person running the Anti-Andy Instagram stated: "Andy's friends have been in contact with the person who originally posted the video and threatened and intimidated them. They also claim to have been in contact with the kid in the video, who apparently apologised to Andy for the inconvenience."

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  1. This is amazing, He’s known as mini Sarlo. Allan Sarlo is not a nice guy either!