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The Parkour Jesus of Santa Monica

Able to climb buildings with his bare hands? Balance on causeways above moving vehicles? He's like a real-life Spiderman!

He calls himself "The Parkour Jesus of Santa Monica, CA." His name is Kane Safari. He is one of the pioneers of back country snowboarding and has travelled all over the country filming and doing photography, until he was told he would never walk again after falling off a 250ft cliff and hitting a tree at 70 mph. After having his leg fully reconstructed, Kane decided to take his fate into his own hands and changed his lifestyle to focus on healing.

Kane has dedicated himself to proving the doctors wrong by eating a plant-based diet, staying mobile and changing his mindset to constant positivity.

Jon and Kathryn Gordon chat with Kane about everything from addiction to spirituality and how mindset is so critical for doing what he does.

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