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The Angriest Man In Surfing Tells His Side Of The Story

Here's an update to The Angriest Man In Surfing drama.

Malibu's Andy Lyon, who has been dubbed The Angriest Man In Surfing due to the viral video of his incident with another surfer, has embraced the positive side of all this.

“You know, it’s a good ride right now,” he told the website Beach Grit. “Fucking dealing with all these little punks, keyboard warriors. It’s pretty amazing how stuff goes like this…I’ve become sorta famous I guess.”

Andy went on the Dirty Water Podcast and tells his side of the incident, and more. Listen to the podcast below:

As others have said, the "kid" in the video is in his mid-20s. Andy confirms it in the podcast. He also says the same thing that others that were there that day said, the "kid" was not so innocent in the whole ordeal.

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