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Keanu Igarashi & Other Surfers Surf HB On The First Day Of It's Closure.

Huntington Beach's beach closure started today, but surfers and bodyboarders were still seen in the water getting waves this morning. Several pro surfers were spotted out there too.

Brooke Daigneault came out of the water as the police drove by. She said, "Well, I just waved to the police officer, he waved back. So I guess we're cool." And then she went back out again.

Surfer Keanu Igarashi, left talks to police on the south side of the Huntington Beach pier. Photo: Michael Fernandez

Keanu Igarashi was one of the surfers who surfed this morning. Keanu said the police told him they weren’t sure of what to do, they are in a hard spot in this situation. The city is fighting the governor’s order to close the beach.

Some claim the police may have been more focused on the then upcoming protest march to bother with the surfers, others feel the cops just don't want to deal with this crap.

Photo: Michael Fernandez

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