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Venice Beach Parking Lots remain Closed

Once again, these city "officials" are sending out mixed messages about what is going on. This time these nitwits are releasing mixed statements regarding the beach parking lots.

This afternoon, the crime approving mayor made this announcement: "We are reopening the city beach parking lots at Cabrillo and Venice Beach as well as the beach bike paths — this is in addition to the County opening paths and lots at partial capacity at Dockweiler State Beach, Will Rogers State Beach, Zuma Beach, and Surfrider Beach."

One Hour later, LA Beaches & Harbors makes this announcement: "PLEASE NOTE: We will NOT be opening the County-operated beach parking lots at Venice Beach. The lots at Washington Blvd, Venice Blvd and Rose Ave will remain CLOSED for Memorial Day weekend."

Since, Beaches And Harbors apparently has the priority (the keys) on these lots, it's what they say that goes, and they are not opening the Venice lots.

And anyone who has actually been to the beaches already knows the bike paths have been open for a long time now.

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