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Sunbathing Is Allowed But Not Allowed

LA County Beaches And Harbors and the crime approving mayor of LA have stated that no sunbathing, sitting, or laying on the beaches.

But an LA County Lifeguard Captain said all that is allowed via a Fox 11 News statement:

“There are still no umbrellas, no coolers and we don’t want large social gatherings,” said L.A. County Fire Lifeguard Captain A.J. Lester. “You can come down absolutely with your family, lay on a towel, sunbathe, watch your kids run in and out of the water, just try to do it near an open lifeguard tower.”

Fox 11 News added:

"Those in the same household are now welcome to sit on towels on the beach – an amendment to the COVID-19 beach restrictions for “active-use only.”

So basically, sitting and laying out on the beaches is allowed, but it is not allowed. Maybe the lifeguards are fed up with having to enforce these BS rules, as those that have been out on beaches already know people are and have been doing it all anyways.

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