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Surfers Vehicles Getting Broken Into On PCH

The thieves are back at it, targeting surfers' vehicles along PCH.

We got word that a vehicle at at Sunset got hit midweek at 12:30 in the afternoon. And another at Topanga around 2:00pm.

Don't just hide your keys around your car, theives are lurking and watching, waiting for their opportunity. .

Members of the surf community are doing our best to keep on the lookout, and warning other surfers not to just hide their keys under the fender.

And then, some individuals are not happy that surfers are being warned about the car burglaries, watch the video below:

"People who drive down to the beach to surf are sometimes getting their cars burglarized while out having fun. Some of us beach~boy elders are now watching out for these thieves. And we are doing a decent job, you might say. This woman in this video is verrry mad at me for trying to stop beach~side theft. I'll quote her: "That's not yo' problem"..." - Shot by R Wright

So take your key with you, or try using a lockbox, like the ones featured here:

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  1. We are SUNwatch!
    ~aka~ Surfer Underground Neighborhood watch, in action.
    Some people are mad that we are trying to help prevent fellow surfers cars from getting burglarized, for we are trying to help prevent their car/house keys, wallets, purses, cash + credit/debit cards, sk8~boards/guitars/laptops from getting stolen whilst out surfing! Help us keep an eye out, warn your fellow rider of waves! Much thankx, randy