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Rip Currents

National Beach Safety Week is here and with that LA County Lifeguards would like to take some time to talk about Rip Currents.

Rip Currents are channelized currents of water flowing away from shore at beaches with surf. Rip currents can occur at any beach with breaking waves and the bigger the waves, the bigger and stronger these currents can pull.

Rip currents can be identified by differences in the appearance of the water. Common features include churning/choppy water, difference in water color (sandy appearance), or a break in the incoming wave pattern amongst others.

Spotting a rip current can be difficult for beach goers which is why we always recommend checking in with the Lifeguard BEFORE getting in the water. Lifeguards will provide information on the current ocean conditions and steer beach goers clear of any existing hazards.

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