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Vehicle Break Ins Along PCH

Due to the huge increase in surfers' vehicles getting broken into along PCH, LAPD put out this flyer back in December:

Now that word is out the beaches are open, the thieves are going to return.

Our photographers have watched first hand these pieces of shit casing vehicles at surf spots such as Sunset, Topanga and the spots in Malibu. But unless caught in the act, police will do nothing. Hell, now due the coronavirus, even if caught in the act, the scumbag city officials have told the police not to arrest anyone, so the city has made it more enticing for those a-holes to keep stealing from everyone.

So do not hide you keys on your tires or under the car. These pieces of trash sit in vehicles and watch. Others slowly walk along the park cars looking for the keys.

Yeah, we seen a number of surfers hiding the keys under their vehicles this past weekend.

At least, get a good key lockbox to deter these assholes.


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