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Malibu Under Fire For Crowded Beaches

Similar to what happened at Huntington Beach a few weeks ago, photos of crowded beaches in Malibu this past weekend are making the headlines, and causing that Department of Public Heath Director lady, Barbara Ferrer to start with her vague threats.

These are some of the photos from Broad Beach resident Rodger Grossman that KTLA Reporter Eric Spillman started posting to his Twitter which started it.

"The photos are real and there were hundreds of people on the beach no social distancing and no masks. Directly in front of my house there was human waste, used tampons, garbage and used condoms," Malibu Resident Leslie Grossman stated," "I watched it all day Saturday from my window."

City Officials and the sheriff's Department are coming under fire about allowing it to happen, even though there is proof they were trying to keep everyone moving:

Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer talked about this in her daily press conference on Monday. “We got reports. We’re working very closely with Beaches and Harbor to make sure this doesn’t continue to happen. If people are willing to blatantly disregard their obligation to make it safe for others, it’s impossible to continue to move down a path towards recovery, because this is what is going to overwhelm our healthcare system. You don’t know when you’re in a public space who the people are who are around you, you may have underlying health conditions.”

“When we talk about Safer At Home, we talk about being responsible,” County Supervisor Kathryn Barger said. “The only way we’re going to get to a position where we go into the next phase is by people acting responsibly, so when I hear stories like this it frustrates me. Enforcement is going to be the key, but I would hope that people would use common sense when they are out doing that.”

It is not just the size of the crowds, but the reports that most were not social distancing, sunbathers laying on the sand, and up to 90% of the people on the beaches were not wearing masks.

As well as complaints about dogs being off leashes on the beach, parking not being enforced, and open containers of alcohol.

Another of Grossman's photos where he shows "Open containers of alcohol". Noticed a lot of Grossman's shots do have girl's butts in them.

Malibu was trying to keep the parking under control, the city reported that their Sheriff's Volunteers on Patrol issued more than 977 parking citations, a weekend record.

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  1. People were out in droves. It was disgusting. Go home fools!